Friday, July 30, 2010

Thrift Store Save

{$2 from Salvation Army. It is handmade by someone else}
Inspired by Kathleen's Thrift Store Thursdays at Grosgrain, I went to the local Salvation Army store on 50% off day and scooped up three great pieces of clothing. Two are dresses I plan to alter and one brand new top that doesn't need anything but the tag removed. Grand total $6. Love it.
{The back of Granny's house dress}
The first dress I found was Granny's house dress. It is handmade by someone else. I never know why these are donated to thrift stores. It is the second handmade garment I have found while thrifting. (I just realized I never posted about the other super cute handmade dress I found at Goodwill. I will do that soon.) It had a good rough shape, but is way too big and I do like the vintagey fabric. Kind of looks like the 30's repro fabrics.
{*Gasp* I know!}
I took in the side seams about two inches on each side. I didn't have to alter the hem. I think it hits at a good spot. I tried hard to save the sleeves, even trying to add an otherwise cute elastic gathering, but it looked bad. The sleeves didn't make the cut...or maybe they did. ;]
{Bad model posing commences}
I also added a 1/4" elastic to the waist line. I zig zag stitched over the elastic and pulled it tight as I was stitching. I really like the gathering around the waist. Very comfortable and better than a tied belt, which always moves on me.
{Out of order, but marked and pinned for altering}
It would have been a much easier project with a dress form. *hint, hint, Santa* But it worked out all right after a few tries.

{Pea approves, or is just looking for some love, you be the judge}

I didn't get a good photo, but I covered the sleeve opening with binding made from the side seam castaways. My binding foot made this easy. Part of the collection I got about a year ago.

{Gratuitous dog photo}

{New back detail}

After all the alterations, the bodice still wasn't sitting right and the back had even more excess fabric than it does now. With a pie cut into the back neck line, commercial bias tape, a made-by-me fabric button and small piece of elastic, even the back got a new look.

It took *way* longer than I anticipated, but I think it was worth it. It can be worn now, as is and be worn into the fall and again in the spring with a little cardigan. Perfect to throw on for work or play when I am running late (which is most of the time). =]


Anne at Film and Thread said...

The after photos are MUCH better! It looks like it would be great on these warm days. I hope you get a dress form. Do you know what kind you want?

Nori said...

beautiful work! i love the fabric and the elastic waist is just perfect!

Trudy Callan said...

Beautiful refashion.