Friday, July 9, 2010

FO: Shelves Upon Shelves Socks

{Shelves Upon Shelves sock pattern by Erica Lueder aka Dreams in Fiber}
Whew! What I thought would take 2 weeks and would make a great birthday gift for my friend Susan actually took 2 months and won't be on any feet but mine. I know, I am awful. I'll make her something pretty soon!
{With Eye of Partridge heel. Love it.}
I just can't give them up. And, I think they are a little to out there for her. She is more classic and subtle. Sure, I can spin it a million ways, but I am still awful. I have made socks for other people and happily gave them away, but I didn't like them near as much as these. Just awful. Shameful!
{Side by side}
Anyway, when we were kids she pushed my down while roller skating because I wouldn't share my ice cream cone. I have a scar on my knee to prove it. Now were even. =]
{Pea agrees with me. See, she's guarding them.}

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Zonnah said...

lol, those are cute socks and can see why you don't want to give them away :)