Monday, July 26, 2010

SSS2 - Wonky Stars for Rebecca

I am shockingly on time with this month's SSS2 block for Rebecca. Putting together her wonky maverick stars required purchasing a new tool. Three cuts into the first block, this happened:

{Not helpful}
My bionic hand strength snapped my rotary cutter in two. I've had it for several (5?) years so I guess I got all I could from it. Armed with a 40% off coupon, I ran out to the store to get a new one.
{Very helpful}
Judging from the new handle design, I am probably not the only one to destroy her Fiskars rotary cutter. I do really like the new one. First, a new blade is always heavenly. I also like the safety lock. Press the larger button on top to engage blade. Press the little button on the side to shoosh it back up. Fancy.
{Also helpful}
With my new rotary cutter and one of my trusty sidekicks, I was ready to punch out some quilt blocks.

{Happy and summery wonky stars}

I used the tutorial from Quiltville. Three of the blocks are 10" and one (the first) got a little skimpy at 9.5" square. I am sending it anyway, just in case it can be used. Loved, loved, loved making these blocks. They have been on my "to stitch" list for ages, but I made one until today. I know there will be more of these babies in my future.

My next to-do block is a spider web from Quiltville, too. Should do those tomorrow-ish. =]


Zonnah said...

I agree these were very fun to make :)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I really love the one on the upper right with the two stars connecting. Great idea!

Kris said...

I love how these came out! The one with two stars is especially fabulous!