Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enough feet to fit a catepillar

Dirty's dad was visiting this weekend and we decided to check out a local flea market. We went fairly early and apparently that's where the deals are. As Dirty's dad was buying a ceramic bowl from the set he collects I spotted a little collection of sewing stuff. Kenmore caught my eye since that is the brand of machine I use. As I opened the little case I found all these attachment feet for $5!
{More attachments than I know what to do with}

Honestly, I didn't know what half of them were for, but I figured I couldn't go wrong since it had how-to cards inside. The vendor offered to sell us the other kit and small box of notions (thread, needles, beads, buttons, etc.) for $4. Um, yeah.

The attachment kit is really awesome. It has several feet for instant hemming from 1/4" to 7/8", gathering, narrow hemming, cording, overcast, applique, edge stitching, binding and zippers. It also has a quilter guide, cutting gauge for scissors, cloth guide, stiletto and the Q-set with one foot and 5 needles. The second kit isn't complete, but is only missing two or three of the feet. I am so excited with this flea market find.

Along with that, I also found a copy of Vickie Howell's New Knits on the Block for a buck. Dirty scored a very cool vintage men's travel kit with several glass containers with sterling silver lids, a wooden brush, trimming scissors, tweezers, mirror, etc. all wrapped in a leather zipper wallet. Wahoo! =]

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what a great find!!!