Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a Sewing Teacher Would NOT Say About Me...

  • She measures acurately.
  • She cuts accurately.
  • She sews beautiful 1/4" seams.
  • She completes projects in a timely manner.
  • She prefers to press seams open.
However, that same sewing teacher may say...
  • She shows great persistance.
  • She learns from her mistakes (after she makes them 3 times).
  • She is definitely not afraid of a seam ripper!
  • She gives it the "old college try".
  • She sure can drink beer!
For the Quilter Bees in May, Dorrie asked for this great scrappy block. She sent all the scraps and gray border strips. All we had to do was trim down the scraps to be 1.5" square (two sides were already done) and sew them up. She shared Little Miss Shabby's tutorial. The first part makes it perfectly clear that acurate seams are vitally imporant. Crap.

I joined quilting bees for the challenge of learning new techniques and skills. I would not let this block beat me. Oh, it tried, but I put up a fairly good fight.

{All the 1.5" square scraps. Don't they look happy in there?}

{Randomly chosen squares for the center}

{Chain pieces for speed and ease. Ha!}

{I even pressed the seams open like Dorrie asked}

{These helped A LOT}

Isn't it scraptastic? This should be an awesome quilt, Dorrie! =]


Angie said...

Ha! Love this. I was a bit alarmed, too, at the accuracy information. Not so good with that kind of thing. What a good beer drinker! And, your block looks good, too.

saganaga said...

you're so funny ! love your sense of humor :)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I've seen a few of these blocks around on blogs and they are very appealing! I guess having that many seams means they can get "off" quickly?

Zonnah said...

I bet the ale did help, lol. It turned out beautiful!

Dorrie said...

I hope I have not led you down the path of drunken and disorderly! The block looks beautiful. Thank you!