Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. T Starter Kit

Nicknames are just a part of life in our house. Pets and people both get multiple nicknames, just to confuse everyone. For example, Dirty and his buddies call everyone Johnny. Instead of man or dude you are Johnny...or Papa...or Mama. They call me Drizzle, Driz, A-drizzle, Squaw, Pip, etc. Dirty has a friend we call Lou, Louie, Uncle Louie or Grandpa, along with occasionally calling him by his real name (which is actually his middle name, but whatever).
Clicky the Moose (he's a dog) was originally named One Time, but then got Clicky the Moose, Moose, Moosey, Moosey-Moose, Clicky the Goose, Clicky the Goat, etc. He comes to all of them but One Time.
{Jeffery T always requires a pillow}
One of Jeffery T's nicknames is Mr. T (as in the original A*Team). I decided that he needed a gold color. Dirty calls it his Mr. T starter set.
{Before--mostly for the hardware}

{Mr. T starter kit}
I had a FQ of a gold fabric with shiny gold threads weaved through it. Pretty ugly by itself, but perfect for the starter kit.
{Sporting his Mr. T starter kit and watching a bird}
I cut a strip about 1" thick, folded it like bias tape and stitched the long side closed. I looped it through the break-away clip and snapped it on T.
{I pity the fool!}
T loves it. =]

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Anne at Film and Thread said...

That was funny! Our vets office sells collars that someone makes and I have bought several for our dog because they aren't blah like you see at the pet store.