Friday, March 27, 2009

BTRSswap Charming Handbag Completed

My pieces of this round of the BTRSswap is now complete. I finished the bag itself about a week ago, pushed into early motivation by the ladies behind Twin Fibers. While wasting time I saw their creations on the BTRS flickr pool. I liked both of them so much it gave me the inspiration and motivation to get sewing. I can hardly believe I am finished with days to spare. I am usually a last minute, fervent sewing to meet the deadline kind of swapper.
For this bag I used an unbleached cotton for the outer bag and a gorgeous Caribbean Blue velvet ribbon and bow. The color of the ribbon really pops against the simplicity of the bag.
Along with the bag we were asked to slip in a few goodies totaling about $5. I tucked in a package of tropical colored tassels, cool blue vintage buttons and a small hand knit dish washing cloth. I prefer smaller washing cloths so that the dish water doesn't go flying around while washing the dishes. (Yes, I hand wash. Partly because I like it but mostly because we don't have a dishwasher.)

The inside of the bag is an Amy Butler fabric with an aqua background and mustard yellow and white pattern. Amy Karol's pattern doesn't call for a pocket, but I really like to have pockets in my handbags so I added one. The pocket as a trim of the same outer fabric sewn across the top so the pocket blended with the inner fabric but didn't get lost. I also added a little ribbon tie for a closure. It's all packed up and ready to head to it's new home on the opposite end of the country. Pretty much as far away from here as you can get without crossing an ocean. Or Canada.

Here's a little close up of the wash cloth. It has a seed stitch border all the way around and a little knit/purl checkerboard pattern in the center. It's made from Peaches and Cream cotton yarn in yellow.

I am a really slow knitter but this was pretty quick. I may make myself one, too. After I get a sock finished...


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Marion Gillins said...

Hello out there, purse recipient here. :) Just wanted to let you know that it was happily received last week. The colors will be great for summer, just as you intended! I enjoyed the other supplies you included, I am going to have a hard time using the tassles - I love them!

Your dishcloth was immediately swiped by my daughter who has been struggling with allergies this year and has been tearing up her face with kleenex. She loves it so much that I have started a couple of more for her. Thanks for the idea!

I think the purse that you received was great, especially the stripes! I was wondering who it was going to when I saw it in the btrsswap group on flikr.

I enjoyed perusing your blog, your work is lovely!