Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funky earrings and a giveaway you can't enter

Jenn from the aforementioned baby quilt post gave me these rockin' earrings just for going to her baby shower! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I just love their funky shape and uber hip design. I don't have any gold earring, but I think these are my new favorites. Won't they make me look hot this summer when I have a nice bronze glow?

Her friend owns a shop called Panache in Gulfport, Mississippi where she sells funky stuff like these earring. Go there if you are so inclined to copy me.
In other gifting news, Jenny made a gorgeous spiderweb quilt and is donating it to her mother to giveaway on her blog. I am only posting about this so I can earn another entry. I really want this quilt, so don't go post a comment. I want it. Stop brainstorming where you would put it, it's coming to my house. And anyway, I plan on gifting it to another friend who is having a baby in May. She needs it more than you. Don't comment, I mean it.

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Anonymous said...

what happens if I want to give it to my friend who just had a baby?