Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Goodness

In honor of St. Patrick's Day here are a few green things that I love...

Our kitchen cabinets which I painted green two summers ago

Green recycled glass aggregate which we sell at

Lettuce from our garden which is growing into nice little heads

My handmade-for-about-$7-just-what-I-wanted-green dress (that needs to be ironed after sitting through the wedding ceremony, whatever)

Avocado acid stain, also sold by us at

Our green screen door to the back patio painted green by my guy last summer

My beloved bird of paradise that grew from a wee little 8" plant to this nearly 20 foot tall beauty

The Turkis Green 1962 VW Single Cab, aka work truck

The 1959 too fast for me VW Convertible Beetle that I LOVE to drive, but only get to sit shotgun in (see "too fast for me" above and note that "too fast for me" is should actually be quoted as "too fast for you" and be coming out of the mouth of my guy because I don't think it is too fast for me...I like going fast and letting the wind whip through my hair as I zoom down the street speedy quick because that car if FAST and oh so fun!)

Happy St. Patty's Day! Have a green beer for me! =]

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SewAmy said...

found your blog thru flickr. We own some VW's too. and I sew. Love your blog.