Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More of a splish than a splash

{Etsy banner}

Even though I feel like a tiny spec of plankton in the Pacific Ocean, I jumped into the ever astonishing talent pool that is Etsy. My personal shop is See the link over on the side? That goes to my stuff.
{A little snapshot of some of the handmade goodness currently awaiting purchase}

Right now the shop is smallish, but hopefully not too haphazard. Since I opened it a few weeks ago I've been thinking more about what I like to create and have felt more driven to get it out of my head and into tangible states rather than just sketching it and putting it on the bottom of the to do list.
{Sneak peek}

I am almost done with this cute little item, but not quite yet. Hopefully it will be up in the shop this weekend, along with some friends.


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