Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seams to Me Swap ~ My other part

So, here's how today went:
  1. Made it to work on time
  2. Went on an estimate appointment and SOLD the job! Yea!
  3. Got to go fabric shopping on my lunch break (which I don't normally get to leave the office for)
  4. My guy had dinner made for us when I got home. Yum!
  5. A gorgeous I'll Have One of Everything bag was waiting for me in the mailbox!

{I told you it was gorgeous}

I have been quite lucky in swaps lately and just when I was really considering just giving up on swaps all together. You great ladies may have changed my mind.

{I'll be hot from both sides}

As I was modeling how hot this bag is, I noticed that it works great on my shoulder, in the crux of my elbow and in my hand. Way back in February I had mentioned making a Steeler color version of this bag, but never did get to making it. Having this bag sure does heighten the motivation.

{This deserves a tropical vacation this summer, don't you agree?}

As I have mentioned, I am not usually into florals, but need to adjust that thought. I don't care for frilly florals but these brightly colored, big floral pattern is great. I would like to know what the name of the floral fabric is so I can get some for a quilt. Wouldn't it look great as a whole cloth back to a modern and bright quilt? Sudi-Laura, I absolute adore this bag. Thank you so much for making it for me!


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