Friday, May 29, 2009

Robinson's Racing Pigs

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{The future of racing pigs}

If you haven't experienced Robinson's Racing Pigs you haven't lived! OK, maybe they weren't that great but they were pretty dern fun.

On the way home from a Saturday road trip we came across a semi-local blue crab festival and decided to stop and walk through the vendor sections. Pretty typical stuff. Nothing to get too excited about, but we did pick up 5 plumeria cuttings. I can't wait for them to grow and flower.

Towards the end of the vendors we came upon a little wood chip laden race track that looked intriguing. The sign read "Robinson's Racing Pigs" and "Robinson's Paddling Porkers". The clock said the next race was only 15 minutes away so we snagged an awesome spot facing turn 3 and waited for the festivities.

I ran down to get some fresh squeezed lemonade and Dirty held our spots. He said that the little boy next to was getting impatient and kept saying, "Let's get it on!" like a wraslin' announcer. And I am fairly certain that he would pronounce wrestling as wraslin'.

The pig racing announcer explained that the state fair was looking for interesting event during the fair in the '70s and the Robinsons came up with this and history was made. I think he said the pigs are Phillipeno pot belly pigs and they start training around 8 weeks old. The pigs are trained using Oreo cookies. One in each of the starting gates and several crumbled up at the finish line. Pretty sneaky, who wouldn't race for Oreos?

{Robinson's Racing Pigs: The Big Guys}

First, the huge older pigs raced. They were named Hammy Fay Bacon, Lindsay Loham, Britney Spare-Rib and Hillary Rodham Clintham. Lindsay Loham won. That's her in the photo.

{Robinson's Racing Pigs: Junior league}

Next, the 9 week old trainees took to the track. They were named Dale Oinkhart, Jr.,
Arnold Schwartzenhogger, Jeff Gordham and Barack-o-ribs Obama. Jeff Gordham won, which about half the crowd loved.

{Paddling Porkers}

It was awfully steamy that day so the racing pigs got to cool off in the pool. Even though it was about 90 degrees, they really weren't feeling going for a swim. All four of them stood up on the platform and waited for someone else to jump in first. One of them kind of got pushed in and it was off the races. I don't remember all the names, but Soggy Bacon and Tsunami-Salami stuck in my head.

{Pee-wee Paddling Porkers}

Of course the piglets got to swim, too. They were a bit more fearless when it came to jumping in. Spamela Hamderson won that time.

I would gladly watch pig races again. And, as if Dirty didn't already want a pig bad enough, this has tipped him over the edge. I think I see a pig in our future. Hopefully the distant future, but probably not.


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RTichy said...

I shared this with my husband. Those pig names are great and made both of us giggle. It does set the bar high for if your family gets a big though! :)