Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

My Aunt Sue is one-of-a-kind. You know that amazingly fun, caring, make you laugh unitl you cry adult character in kids' book that you always wished you had in your life? That's my aunt Sue.

Growing up spending the day with Aunt Sue was always something I looked forward to. We'd go to Detroit Tigers baseball games, the water park, the mall anywhere and everywhere our hearts desired. Aunt Sue even took my friends and me to the Detroit Pistons 3-Peat Championship parade in Downtown Detroit. We were so excited on the way home she worn out her car horn on the way home. I love my aunt Sue.
Several years ago Aunt Sue became a missionary in Brazil, where among many other duties, she teaches the missionary kids. Obviously I see a lot less of her, but the bond is just as great. She was able to come home almost a year ago, but she is soon to be on her way back to Brazil. As part of her journey back, and to warm up her blood as to not shock her system when she hits the Brazilian summer weather she has come down to visit with us for a few days. Last Wednesday I got the day off work and we went to spend a beautiful January day together.

We loaded up the bikes and headed to a great historic place. We parked outside of the main area and road into the action. We ate lunch at a little cafe with great sandwiches. Having fueled our energy for the rest of the day, we walked around the touristy historic area and stumbled on an art gallery displaying works by Dr. Seuss. There were several statues, many painting both from his books and from his brain. His sketches for the book illustrations were my favorite. I like the little detail notes he added to the sides of the paper. I also really liked the wall hangings of his crazy animals. They were simulating how big game hunters will stuff and mount the heads of the animals they shoot. It was very interesting to see his imaginary animals as trophies on the wall.

It looked like it was about to rain, so we hopped back on the bikes and headed back to the car. I couldn't help but stop at a cute looking cupcake shop on the way. Luli's Cupcakes is a fun little shop with fresh made cupcakes daily. The lady behind the counter was as sweet as her cupcakes. Luli's offers day-old cupcakes 6 for $7.00 (half off) which was just what Aunt Sue and I were looking for.

We mixed and matched (each row left to right):
  • The Resolution-A rich sugar-free Vanilla cake with sugar free cream cheese frosting (a special for January) chosen for my mom

  • The Godfather-a tiramasu sponge cake layered with a marscarpone cheese frosting and an espresso syrup garnish chosen for my guy

  • Fire Engine Red Velvet-A Red Velvet cake with a crushed pecan cream cheese frosting, Aunt Sue's pick

  • The Razzie-A chocolate cake with a cramy raspberry filling topped with a delicious raspberry frosting (another special for January) for me

  • What's up Doc-A traditional carrot cake with a sweet cream cheese frosting for my dad

  • PB & C-Peanut butter frosting atop a rich chocolate cake that my guy and I split Thursday

These cupcakes were are you kidding me good. If you're ever in the area, go to Luli's'll thank me.

Luli's also makes pupcakes for dogs, 2 for $1. They smell great and you can see little bits of doggy goodness in the batter. I snagged some for my dogs and brought them home is a special "doggy bag." Suffice it to say, they were well received.
After the quick rain shower we headed to the beach. The breeze was warm and the sun was actually shining, though this picture doesn't show that. Several crazy girls in bikinis waded in the surf. Aunt Sue decided they were vacationing from Alaska. I agreed.

One of my favorite things at the beach are these sea gulls. Not just any sea gulls, but the ones that stand on the sand balancing on one leg. I think they wish they were flamingos and they are just practicing for when they move to Miami.

All in all it was a really great day. I got that same feeling I had when I was little and I spent time with my Aunt Sue. I'll really miss her while she's in Brazil, but she is spreading her infectious smile around the world and I admire her for that.


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