Monday, January 5, 2009

Stash busting last minute gifts

Procrastination got to me again this Christmas. I always make the gift list with the greatest of intentions, then reality and life takes over and I find myself still awake at 2 am Christmas morning at the sewing machine stitching up gifts and seriously considering stitching my eyelids open. Throw in a last-minute decision to visit my guy's family (a 12 hour drive) and 5 more last-minute gifts... This girl almost cracked!

Then I got my brain and small stash in order. What could I make quickly with what I had on hand but still had a lot of heart and thought? Aprons, of course!

Crazy 9-Patch Apron Set for aunt, cousin & 5 year old goddaughter
A few months ago I used some fat quarters to practice the crazy 9-patch quilt pattern. The blocks ended up about 12 inches square. I had a few left over and some coordinating muslin. I seamed two blocks together, bordered them with the muslin in a 2" strip on the bottom and sewed on the waist ties. The are also backed with the muslin.

His goddaughter's apron seemed long enough, but not wide enough so I added 2" on each side of the block then stitched on the waist ties. All of the waist ties have a little pleat where the front pieces meets the wrap around ties.

They turned out a lot better than I imagined. Best of all they were well received. The three generations like to bake together so it was a hit.

Simple and Funky Polka Dot Apron

This apron was actually planned a gift for my guy's dad's lady friend last year. Chalk this up to the aforementioned greatest of intentions thing... The fabric was purchased, washed, dried, pressed, cut, placed in a Ziploc and never sewn. It sat there for a full year in the "Ready to Sew" basket glaring at me. It will take you 15 minutes to finish me. You know, she would really appreciate me. Really, you don't have 15 minutes to stitch me together? You already did the hard part, come on!

So at 1:30 am on December 26 she got stitched. Did I mention we were leaving at 4 am for that 12 hour drive? Did I mention that I usually require 8 hours of sleep at the very least to function throughout the day? Did I mention that sleeping in the car is a cardinal sin to my guy and he would never let me get a nap? (Thankfully the aprons were so cute and he saw how hard I worked on them and I was granted a 4 hour nap! I love you! Yea!)

1:30 am or not, this apron rocks! If the recipient wasn't such a sweet and crafty herself that apron would have "accidentally" stayed home. It is (very) loosely based of the "Vintage Apron" in Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. I used the skirt measurements, but made the waistband and ties about 3-1/2" thick. Instead of gathering the skirt, I added four 1" pleats.

The trip was quick but great! I love the area where he grew up and I love his family. Oh, we gave my guy's dad two bottle of wine from a small winery in New Mexico which was the fifth last minute gift.
Christmas Day here at home was fun, too. We relax at the house, (...well after I finished my mom and dad's gifts when I woke up...) and watched a movie. The temperature was unseasonably warm (about 70 degrees) so my guy surprised me by cooking breakfast on the grill. He made eggs, bacon and jalapenos, toast and coffee.

The eggs are from our local farmers' market and they are the most amazing tasting eggs I have every had. The have brown shells and cook up wonderfully by themselves or in baked goods. The bacon was cooked with fresh picked jalapenos from our garden. So delicious!

It was a great holiday season as a whole. Lots of handmade hotness, lots of good eats and lots of great family moments.

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Anonymous said...

To my talented sassy apron swap partner...I'm so sorry for taking so long to say so, but thank you thank you for the cute snowman apron! I've already worn it several times. The big pockets, which I love, may just make this a year-round apron, winter or not.

Thanks for all the other goodies too. I actually used to bake holiday cookies with my mom out of that Betty Crocker Cooky Book too, the candy cane ones being among my favorite. My husband surprised me for my birthday a couple of years ago by giving me that book. Yay!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday it's back to "real life" and time to get going on more projects!

:-) Jen