Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been handled

{Mouse needs a better look}
This bag is about 10 months in the making. The handles and fabric were part of the haul from Roger's Flea Market last August. I matched the fabrics and handles then pinned out a rough design last October. It promptly got "cleaned up" and put in a box, put on a shelf and forgotten about with two or three of its friends.
{Camera 1}
I discovered it again while looking through my WIPs box. Over the past couple days it was sewn together, ripped apart and resewn. Standard for this visual/tactile learner.
{Camera 2}
This one is mine, but I think I will utilize the other handles I have and make more of these bags for my Etsy shop. Maybe even a tutorial. We'll see if I can remember to take photos during the next construction. And I think I will make the handle casings a little bigger. And maybe a constrasting fabric. Or some fancy trim. And maybe not sew down the pleats. And maybe a little taper in on the opening to finish off the hexagon shape. Hmmm.
{All the crap I lug around}
It is large enough to hold my cell phone, keys (on a little leash ala Anne), wallet, notepad, two pens, two Sharpies (actually Shoupies, but I digress), cash (now gone), chap stick and multitude of change in the bottom. All that without looking bulky when closed.

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