Tuesday, August 10, 2010

50 cents + Flea Market = Happiness

{Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book}
{Inside cover...in all it's 1960s glory}

This little gem cost me 50 cents and I have already gotten return on my investment. I must have spent an hour flipping through this book smiling at the sketches, giggling at the swimsuits and marveling at how far sewing has come and how much it has stayed the same.

{Convenient sizing charts}

The sizing carts measurements may be the same, but we all know the size number has changed. This is still really useful, of course for vintage patterns, but also for sizing items I make for my nieces who live far, far away.
{She is so happy with her striped skirt}

The sketches throughout the book kill me. The ladies all have different looks. They are demur, classy and sophisticated. Project Runway would judge them as: She looks fun and like the kind of girl that everybody wants to know.
{Oh, no!}

{Ahh, that's it}
In the cutting section the authors discuss how to layout pattern pieces to get check, plaids and stripes to line up at the seams. These cute ladies show wrong and right examples. I love the wrong girl's expression. =O

{The only brunette!}
I didn't realize it until I saw this little girl, but she is the only brunette in all 360 pages!
{Wardrobe planning ideas}
I am also loving the sportswear section. The garments considered sportswear are hilarious to me. A shift dress is sportswear. Women's and men's trousers are sportswear. Pleated skirts and halter tops are sportswear. Halter tops! I still giggle at that.
{Swim suit construction}
I do have plans on making a swim suit for myself, but I promise, it won't have a zipper. =]
Do you have a good vintage sewing guide book?


Sorrel said...

Awesome find!

Claudia said...

That's great! I know that when the idea of sportswear first came out, it really meant "clothing that you watch sports in". I think I learned this when looking up things about Chanel, so this was like.. a day at the races, or maybe a polo match, or a very fancy tennis game, in my mind. Not tailgating a college football game :)
I have an old sewing book by Singer and it is half useful half too-advanced.