Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Thrift Store Save

What a nice, little logo. The first time I was this logo was at a St. Vincent's de Paul in PA when Dirty and I were visiting family. The price tag read $2. WHAT?!? $2 for an awesome *PURPLE* suitcase! I had to have it.

{Bad color in the photo, but still shows off how nice it is}
I slid it out from between the other suitcases, set down my 50 cent throwback Nikes and $1 kick-butt boots and went to open the latches to check out the inside, but...

{Was this all I was to see of the purple suitcase of loveliness?}
...the latches wouldn't turn. Locked up tight. Neither of the other American Tourister suitcases at the store had keys. What was a girl to do?
We took it to the counter to see if maybe, *maybe* they had extra keys. Nope. But the super nice ladies at the checkout counter said I could have the suitcase--no charge. WAHOO! I figured, worse case I could either try to buy keys on eBay or take it to a locksmith.
Amazingly, at a Goodwill here in town I found another American Tourister (bigger and gray, but still very nice) that had 2 keys. Not 1, but 2. Fingers crossed,I bought it for $4 in the hopes the keys would open my beautiful, purple suitcase.
Well, I couldn't get the key to fit. Dirty's dad tried, his girlfriend tried and still no luck. I gave into the fact we got another nice suitcase for $4. Not a bad deal. Then my Dirty tried...and OPENED the purple suitcase of loveliness!
{Pretty and pink}
The interior is gorgeous and pink without any weird smells. It looks like it was barely used, but had 6 or 8 straight pins in it, which I found odd.
{Zippered side pocket and elastic back pocket}
Now I just need somewhere to go! =]

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