Monday, August 9, 2010

Frock by Friday ~ Anda

{Frock by Friday ~ Summer Edition}
About a week ago I decided to join this month's Frock by Friday at Grosgrain. The pattern is available from BurdaStyle for $3.50. The pattern is so simple, but it is nice to just cut and sew.
{Anda dress}
The pattern is really great. I had to take 1-1/2" off each side because, even with the tie, it looked like I cut arm holes in a potato sack. Not the pattern's fault, I just needed it thinner. I also had to cut off about 6" at the hem, which is not a usual thing for me. I am the same height at the pattern specs, but if I had just hemmed the bottom it would have hit about 2" below my knees. Not flattering for me, and not how the other photos showed the length. The only other alteration I made was to put the tie casing on the inside of the dress. No way was I going to be able to line up the pattern with the casing on the outside like the pattern instructed. I added a 1/4" button hole in the middle of the front piece for the ties to exit.
{Little better view of the fabric}
The fabric was in a bag I bought at a thrift store. (They just put random cuts of yardage in a plastic bag, slap on a price tag and staple it closed. Guaranteed to have some "scary" pieces, but most of the time it is worth the $2-3.) Back to the fabric--no information on the selvage, but I think it is a double knit in polyster. I know, sounds gross, but it is comfortable. It has a tiny pattern of square tiles in black, red, yellow, brown and light blue.
I do recommend the pattern. So, so fast and so, so cute. If I made it again (and I think I will) I would use either a satiny fabric with a big design or a plain old solid knit. And elastic around the waist, not tie. =]


Zonnah said...

That is too funny, I just found her website a couple of days ago and just cut my fabric for the same dress! Yours turned out beautiful. Mine will look a bit different from yours because of the fabric I am going to use. But, good job :)

Suzie said...

Hiya, came across your blog through the Grosgrain Flickr page. Love your version of the Anda dress. I agree it's a bit like a potato sack if you don't take in the sides...I made it too and I think I should have taken it in a bit more!!!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

That is really cute and looks like it would be fast to sew with no separate sleeves. I think it looks neater with the casing on the inside.