Monday, March 8, 2010

Got a yard?

Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, the authors of One Yard Wonders are looking for submission for their next one yard wonder book. All the information is found here.

The concept of the next book is what projects can be made with a yard of a specific kind of fabric. Submit your idea online by April 1.

{Crafty Carry-Along Bag holding my sock yarn while I soak up the last bit of sun}

I put my submission in today. I made three Crafty Carry-Along bags out of lavender voile. They are all different sizes and have a loop and clip for easy transport. I hang the clip from my belt loop and the yarn slides right out the top. These were made because I got tired of sporting a nice, handmade tote bag but carried my knitting in old resealable bags. Now I have cute bags for my knitting projects, too. =]


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Great idea and I think I remember that you were in the last book with your dog bed, right?

Lisa said...

Too cute! You look very comfy in that chair. Makes me wish I had a back yard.

Shevon said...

The clip is a really good idea. Good luck with the book.