Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better Than a Box aka my pattern in One Yard Wonders

Jeffery T. loves a box. As soon as he sees an open box he is in it without regard to whether or not the box is empty or about to be used for something other than holding a fat cat. Here are some examples.

{We call this the luxury box, notice the flap over lid for extra lounging space all of which is being utilized.}

{The creases is from Jeffery T. forcing himself in a too small box.}
In an effort to save our boxes I made Jeffery T. a comfy, cosy bed. It was a hit and better than a box.
{Perfect for watching lizards run around outside}

{A view with out T. He was most likely eating.}
{One day when I was leaving for work, I thought he looked all cute laying in his bed}
{And it is just were I found him 10 hours later when I got home from work}
Since T. likes it so much, I thought other kitties might like it too. I read about a new book looking for submissions for sewing patterns using only one yard of fabric on Sew, Mama, Sew! The pattern was submitted and, much to my surprise, Rebecca and Trish chose it as part of their book One Yard Wonders. Yea!
Flash forward about a year and the book has been printed and was shipped yesterday! I haven't seen it in the flesh yet, but I can't wait. Of course I want to see the Better Than a Box pet bed, but also the other projects. Just in time for Christmas gift making. Couldn't be better.
After the pattern was chosen, I was sent a yard of fabric to remake the pet bed for the photography in the book and the trunk show, etc. Jeffery T. approved of it, too.
{He tried to claim it for his own.}

{I say, "No, Jeffery T. This is not for you." Jeffery T. says "I can't hear you. I am sleeping."}

Apparently, dogs think it is Better Than a Box, too. Sure, small dogs will like it, but big dogs, too. Proof?

{Pea, thinking thin and jamming herself into the bed.}

{And Beeker called dibs on his friend's.}
Rebecca and Trish are having a release party on November 6 at Crafty Planet in Minneapolis. Click the link for more details. The Flickr group is up and ready for photos. Now, go get the book and start cutting that coveted yard of fabric you've saved for just the right project. You'll find it in there. =]


Rebekah said...

very cute! Congrats on being included in that book. Our cats are currently using a box lid as a bed and I need to make some new bed pillows to replace the ones that our male cat so graciously ruined (argh!)

Anne at said...

That is so exciting to be included in a book! Your pets are so cute and the bed turned out great! The next book will have to be two yard wonders for those of us with big dogs!

Zonnah said...

How exciting! The picture of Pea made me laugh :)

Lula Dahl said...

Oh, I will have to make one of these! Fiyero is INSANE for boxes!