Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Socks and a cat...but not a cat named Socks

That title may not be true. I don't know what the cat's name is, but I saw this on the way home last week. I was stopped at a red light downtown and saw the cat watching traffic from the window. Amazingly I had the camera with me and was able to zoom enough to see it clearly.

{Kitty watching the traffic below}
I finished my Through the Loops Mystery Socks. Although they are far from perfect I *love* them. They are the first pair of socks I ever finished. I used an alpaca/wool blend yarn that is delicious feeling on my feet.

{Pair doesn't have to mean the look the same}

With these socks I learned how to properly make yarn overs and read from a chart (love that too). Since I hadn't learned to make yarn overs I took for granted that all knitting books would explain it correctly. Not so. That's why the legs look different. The right one (in the photo) was made with incorrect yarn overs and that's why the ribs don't line up. It just looked wrong and after seeing progress photos on Ravelry I found out it was. After more research I learned how to yarn over properly so the foot looked better. Since I don't wear socks and shorts, they will look good under my pants.

{Much better}

My project link on Ravelry.
Mystery Sock pattern as a free Ravelry download which is from Kirsten Kapur (her website).

Now to find cute shoes to show them off. =]

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Zonnah said...

I love homemade socks, yours are beautiful!