Thursday, October 1, 2009

Local Quilt Show

Last weekend I attended the local quilt show...and I still don't know how I feel about it. As many modern quilters have noted, I didn't see many quilts that I could really relate to. There were several that I really liked and will take inspiration from, but sadly I got bored quickly and that's not like me.
Too many quilts were the same pattern, just with different fabrics. And not even really different kinds of fabric, just different colors or color schemes. I imagine that may be partly trends/fads and maybe what quilt groups/guilds worked on throughout the year, but seriously, 4-5 "One Block Wonder" hexagons in every row is just not all that interesting.

Fear not, dear quilty friends! I did see several quilts that spoke to me and beckoned me down each and every aisle. Some are modern. Some are traditional. Here is a smattering of those lovely quilts, the descriptions from the ID placard and some personal commentary in purple: (And please forgive some of the fuzzy pictures. My camera is on the fritz. The quilts were so pretty, I didn't want to exclude them for fuzziness.)

{No Postage Due by Shirley Pope}
Each square in the quilt was individually cut and sewn. Many of the 1-1/2" squares were fussy cut. This was so much fun to make. I really want to make another. Quilted by Betty O'Neil.

{Close up of the above quilt. Shirley Pope was one of the shining stars of the quilt show, in my eyes. She submitted several quilts and I liked all of them. You can tell by looking at her quilts that she really enjoys quilting and has fun doing it. I was amazed at how big this quilt is. It has to be 8' x 8'. There were embroidered messages such as the makers name, the quilters name, a thank you to her quilt guild and a note that read: Bunny, Thanks for looking past all the quilt droppings. Your the best. Love always, Rose.

{Ring around the Rosie by Teresa Megna}

I started this for our 50th wedding anniversary - Feb 2008. Finished it in our 51st! Quilted by Dell Dunman.

Really nice mix of black and white and yellow. The yellow is actually a little more vibrant than what came out in the photo. It also had interesting swirly quilting in yellow thread.

{Hexagon Beauty by Shirley Pope}

I love scrappy quilts so this one really taled to me. I did not duplicate any fabrics in this quilt. The hexagons told me that they wanted spiral quilting and I loved it.

Me, too.

{My Dear Jane by Louise Flowers}

Dear Jane - hand pieced and hand quilted.

Freaking A M A Z I N G. This is the first Dear Jane I have seen in real life and saying it was stunning doesn't even begin to describe it. I don't know that I would ever have the patience. Two thimbles up to all of those who make one.

{Zack by Klonda Holt}

Zack is from the pattern "Zag: by Linda Hibbert of Silver Linings Originals, a pattern company in Colorado. The pattern was enlarged 150% and is totally paper pieced.

Zack was awarded a Judge's Honorable Mention. Each of the stripes is a different white or black background fabric. Many of the black stripes were from different prints. I am really mad that it is fuzzy. =[

{Hawaii Wedding Wish for my Son by Theresa Lee}

Colors of this hand dyed fabric remind me of Hawaii. The one continuous circle design symbolized harmony and happiness. Orgids and Philodendroa leaves depict love, life and peace.

There were several Hawaii style quilts, but this was my favorite.

{Misty Mountain Flowers by The Quilting Sisters Guild entered by Barbara Meunier}
This is an original design from our member Kitty Gonzalez. It was put together by members of our guild.

{Details of the quilt. Lovely colors and interesting quilting. The flowers and leaves have soft dimension. It deservingly won the Collaborative Quilt catergory.

{Pollination by Rue Hawkins}

I love painting, so in designing this quilt I choose to paint the extreme center block. The border is pieced. The insect in the center is also hand painted. Quilted by Ivette Mitchem.

I like the idea of painting with thread and thought that the verigated brown/yellow of the center of the daisy was perfect.

{Lazy Log Cabin by Nan Moore}
Top and binding made completely from plaid shirts.
My camera is about to get chucked to the weeds. The colors on this quilt are much better in the next photo. Thought this was a great idea.

Better coloring on the plaid shirts and a nice detail of the quilting.
{Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! by Nancy Matthews}
Bikini Quilt pattern by Ami Simms. Obviously, these are the only bikinis I own! "Fannie" is having fun on the beach. Her "book" is audio!! Quilted by Cheri Edmonds
Fannie building a sandcastle. I really liked the quilting on the sandy area.

{Celestial Celebration by Nancy Martinez}
The meythological Queen of Orange celebrates in the night sky. Original design; fused and pieced applique, machine quilted, painted, dimensional. Created as a challenge for Kumquat Festival. Won Best of Show.
The oranges and rings have dimensional qualities. I am disappointed that this photos is fuzzy. The quilt is so vibrant and with fabulous movement. This was one of my favorites.

{Checkerboard Stars by Judy Wheeless}
Pattern by "Fig Tree Quilts"

{Dot-Dot-Dash by Joyce Grande}
This quilt is machine pieced, machine quilted, embellished with yo-yo's [the dots] and rick-rack[bordering the scallop edge]. It was inspired by a pattern by Mary Mashuta.

{What Were We Thinking! by Janet S. Walker}
This is the ultimate in Recycling! Only the ugliest ties made the cut for this baby! The background is Oxford cloth highlighted by butterlies fashioned from only the ugliest of double knits!
I laughed out loud at this quilt. I noticed it was different when I approached it. After reading the description it instantly won my heart. The triangles around the outside are the points of collared shirts and the ring around the Dresden Plate is made from manufacturers' labels. Love, love, love this quilt.

{From a Different Perspective by Jane Hamrock}
Original design, machine quilted, machine thread painted, hand beaded, machine pieced and machine appliqued, hand embellished.
The long hanging vines are stuffed and hanging off the quilt to give it great dimension.

{Pledge to Earth by Gretchen Jolles}
Using fabrics from my scrap box, I pieced a portion of the EArth Day pledge to demonstrate the idea that we can all "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" to hlep preserve and conserve our natural resources. Quilted by Joyce Snyder

{Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make Do, Do Without by Mary Ann Leonard}
Unfortunately my photo of the label is too fuzzy to read the description, but this was a Challenge Quilt from the show. It was made with help from the Day Quilters group. I like the saying stitched around the outside. The ladies said it is a saying that their grandmothers used, and they find themselves using now, too.

{Log Cabins by Billie McCray}
Ms. McCray is a local fiber artist. She said she doesn't use a rotary cutter and she never throws a scrap away. This quilt was made from Nigerian fabrics gifted to her by a friend. I had never seen such skinny log cabins. I love the design and the "use it all" attitude.

{Paradise in Black and White by Melanie Jensen}
Mismatched block backgrounds and appliqued palm trees. Saw similar pattern in magazine and loved the color comvinations. The quilting is unique, look for the palm trees in the border. Quilted by Shirley Robinson.
{Like Grandma's Quilt by Helen Anne Roesler}
I inherited a quilt made by my grandmother before she got married in 1980. The quilt has been used and is worn and dirty and faded into muted colors and yellow whites (I assume). I decided to see what the quilt would look like after a centruy. I chose fabrics similar to the orginal ones and friends helped me piece and quilt this including some of her mistakes!

Thanks for making it through my review of our local quilt show. I saw that Park City Girl is hostessing another online quilt show. Check that out, too. The spring show was excellent. =]


Zonnah said...

Thank you for sharing this! There are some amazing quilts in there.

Anne said...

What a great variety! I think I like the "No Postage Due" one the best.