Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilter Bees - October - Houses for Anna

For the October installment of Quilter Bees Anna asked each of us to make 9.5" square blocks with little (3-4") houses on a light gray background (to mimic the cloudy skies of the Pacific Northwest).

I am really angry at Anna for requesting these. Although she did warn us that the house blocks are addicting, she has really started an obsession on my end. As soon as I started the first block I wanted to make more. Addictive doesn't even begin to describe how fun these blocks are.

{I didn't have enough gray left over to finish out this block, but Anna does have more gray, so don't worry.}

Living in the warm, beach area of the south I decided to make a pink house taking inspiration from 1950s Miami. Jeffery T. (my cat) is peeking out the window. I appliqued him on the window sill so that the edges frayed a little for his fur.

{Pea sitting by her house}

I had some fabric left over so I made a dog house. Again, I appliqued on one of our dogs Black-Eye Pea. She can't fit inside the dog house because the door is tiny, but that's OK, she wouldn't go in there anyway. She would rather be outside chasing squirrels.

As Anna suggested I looked over the tutorial on Quiltville. It is very good and was very helpful to me since I had not made a block like this.

I already have a sketch for a quilt using little houses and all of our pets. Like the "To Do" list needed another member... =]


Anne said...

Did you make those appliques yourself? They are adorable and so are the blocks!

Kris said...

I love the houses! I'm thinking of doing that for when my month comes around... :)

Rebekah said...

that dog next to the house is such a cute touch on the block! Adorable