Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wonky Kitchen Mat

Even though my wonky log cabin bathmat didn't turn out just as I had hoped, it wouldn't get me down. Here is the end result of what I am calling my first successful result at wonky log cabins. (I actually followed some instructions...amazing.)

It is pieced together with gifted fat quarters and backed with a marbled black fabric like the dividing strip. My feet are quite pleased with their new mat, too. They only have throw a fit when we have to stand at the sink to wash dishes, not that we do that too often.

Overall I am pretty happy with it. It has nice bright colors, it's a little wonky to offset the checkerboard kitchen tiles, and I made it. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, it does need some kind of anti-slip grip on the bottom, but that will be worked out. Jeffery T sends it flying when he tries to run after laying on it all day.

Free-motion quilting is still a skill I need to work on, but I am getting much better. All the wonkiness is practice for my next project. A friend of mine in Mississippi is having a baby boy in May. Her shower is in a few weeks and I am making the baby a wonky log cabin quilt and some bibs as a present. I hope to start on that this weekend.


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