Friday, April 10, 2009

How not to photograph bats

Several weeks ago while playing fetch with Pea in the lot next door we had a visit from some long lost friends--the bats. I don't know if bats migrate or not, but I haven't seen them since last summer. Our bug eating web-winged friends are back and we can't be happier. I tried to get some pictures of them, but bats are particularly hard to photograph. They are always dipping and diving and changing directions it is nearly impossible to get lucky enough to catch them in the frame. After about 50 attempts, I gave up and just watched them.

{Can you find the bats? Me, either.}

No pictures of the bats yet, but I got some pretty and creepy pictures of the trees against the twilight sky. The tiny orange dot in the bottom right corner of the picture above is the sun. I love twilight...

Welcome back, batty friends!


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Anonymous said...

Bats definitely migrate! Most of the bats here in Austin show up at the spring and disappear again in the fall. Tourists come to see them in the summer. Lots of them live under the Congress St. bridge down town and fly out over the lake at sunset to eat bugs. The bats, that is, not the tourists.