Monday, September 14, 2009

How do you to showcase a fabric?

{Happy Campers}

Happy news! Friends of ours are having a baby boy in November! We know them from the Volkswagen community and their baby is due very near to one of the biggest VW weekends on the East Coast. (It's not these friends, but they are due again in March so I have some time before that one.) I am planning to make him a crib sized quilt featuring Heather Ross's Happy Campers but I was only able to find one fat quarter. (OK, I found more and some yardage, but I am not paying $30-45 per yard. I don't care how cute the fabric is or how much I like our friends. I think it's extreme price gouging. I'll pay extra because the fabric is hard to find and out of print, but $45 per yard?)
Question for all my quilty friends: What pattern/style do you think will show off the fabric the best considering the limited amount I have? Log cabins? Squares? Some combination of patterns? I would really appreciate any input so I can get started.
Thanks! =]
P.S. Don't be afraid to link to blog posts, flickr photos, etc. I'm visual.


Angie said...

I would probably make them the center of log cabins, using mostly solids or tone on tone stuff with it.

Anne said...

How about a coin quilt with the Heather Ross fabric as some of the coins?

It sure would be nice if some of the manufacturers would reprint these popular fabrics. I'm with you - $45 is a little too steep for me.

Meagan said...

I like this idea, and you could play with exactly how you go about doing it:

Otherwise, I think Angie's idea of log cabins is good, if it works with the way the fabric is spaced to do that sort of fussy cutting. Here's an example:
Aha, I found the log cabin WITH happy campers:

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

I agree with the person who suggested you use some sort of circular motif with the pattern. It's so super cool! You could also do a standard block quilt, with largish blocks. Maybe four inches?

What fun! I love Heather Ross's fabric, and have some with mermaids I've been meaning to make a dress with for ages. Perhaps this will be the impetus: seeing your post and wondering what you'll make!

Angie said...

this might be cute, too.