Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mod Sampler Quilt for Sue

{Mod Sampler Quilt}

Finally. And only 3 weeks late. But the Mod Sampler Quilt (pattern by Oh, Fransson!) I made for my friend Sue's 30th birthday is finally pieced, quilted, binded (or is it bound?), washed and folded up for mailing tomorrow. Her birthday was 3 weeks ago and I really should have finished it way before that, but, it wouldn't be truly a gift from my heart if it weren't fashionably late.

{The rear view}

I like it a lot. I could have gone a little darker on the sashing, but it's OK. Sue has two young boys and I hope that she makes this her grab and go quilt for ball games and trips to the beach and picnics in the park and forts in the living room and good movies on TV.

{The three-quarter shot always makes you look thinner}

Overall, the pattern is great. Very easy to follow, sectioned well for both quick sits at the machine and longer stays, too. Elizabeth (pattern author) recommend pressing all the seams open, which was fine for the first two blocks (side-by-side and side-by-side-by-side-by-side) but when it got to piecing the third block (4x4) I got way too impatient with that. I just started pressing the seams to the side. I figured I gave an alternative method a try, found out it's not for me and went about my merry way.

{Example of the 4x4 which most likely has seams pressed to the side}

{One of my favorite blocks, both style and fabric combo}

{Another fav block style, but you see how the solid brown is too close in color to the sashing?}

Elizabeth has fantastic tutorials on sandwiching, quilting and binding. My mitered corners are becoming more and more like actual corners rather than round-a-bouts.

{Nearly 90 degrees, nearly}

I am still working on free motion quilting. I've got areas that are really dense and other spots that could have held a few more stitches, but again, overall I am pleased.

{Free motion quilting on the back}

Somewhere on the Flickr group pool I saw someone stitched a fabric flap for the label. I completely copied them and probably will again. It is so much easier to baste the label on before sewing the binding to the back. I like hand sewing but it takes so long that I aways put off attaching the label. This way it'll already be done.
{Wishing us 30 more years of friendship... on the back side of the label flap}

Sue is a thrifty gal. She keeps all gift bags, ribbon and tissue paper from presents. I am so glad because I don't like adding all that mess. I know she'll appreciate the thriftiness and simplicity of a folded up the quilt with a bow made from a strip of fabric that got trimmed when squaring up the back.

{RTG = ready to go}

If I make this quilt again, which is a good possibility since Dirty liked this one so much, I will probably swap the 4x4 block for a 9 patch. I just do not have the patience for that 4x4 block.

Next up is the July block for Snip.Sew.Send., then I plan to start a Bento Box style quilt for the bed.



Zonnah said...

Oh I love it! She did such a great job witht that quilt along. I like ironing my seams to the side as well :)

Anne said...

What a fabulous gift for a friend! The colors are so soft and the whole thing is beautiful.

I'm glad to hear the report on the ironing since I want to try that quilt next.

Mushyhed said...

I love this quilt! You did such a great job with the color selection. The recipient is a lucky ducky!!

Kritta22 said...

I just heard that your friend moved...

her new address is 8612 Moss...



You did a fabulous job. I like that the browns match. really.

Jennifer said...

I do my tags like that! Much better, in my opinion.

Love your beautiful quilt. :)

Em said...

I love your blog! I found you through a flikr link... I would love to see a picture of the green dress you made with the shirt pattern in Seams to Me! Is there a photo somewhere?

SewAmy said...

what wonderful friend you are. I love the colors in the quilt so much. and your quilting looks fabulous. Love the label. I might need to steal that idea .

Robin said...

What a gorgeous gift! Lucky, lucky friend! I think the sashing is just awesome-- I love that fabulous taupe-y color and it works really well with your blocks (I think using such a similar tone makes some of them look like they're floating-- very cool!). And your label idea is very clever.

Great job!