Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zig Zag quilt for a new baby boy

Another of my friends gave birth to a baby boy about a month ago. I had started his quilt well before he was born, but didn't get it finished until yesterday. Well, technically I finished it about a week ago, but didn't sew the label on until yesterday.

{Colton's Zig Zag Quilt: Front}

I quilted by outlining both sides of the zig zags and by following the center of each zig zag, too. I think it was a bit too much.

{Close up of quilting on front}

On the front it looks OK, but I think the back looks like a moving blanket. If I had used blue thread for the back it wouldn't have shown as much. My concern at quilting time was that if I used blue on the back it would have been too plain. Now I think it would have been better.

{Close up quilting on back}

This quilt isn't the most favorite I've ever made. Don't get me wrong. I like it. I am OK with it. The things I don't care for just scream at me. First, I have never been a big fan of blue and yellow. Growing up as a Michigan State Spartan fan, it's just in may nature to despise maise and blue (the colors of our rival University of Michigan). The back and binding are too bright. Together in the picture above they look alright, but on the full front of the quilt my attention is drawn to the binding and I don't want it to be.

{Full back view}

{The new boy's name is Colton}
Thanks to the binding tutorial on Oh, Fransson! my mitered corners on this quilt look pretty good. Not perfect yet, but pretty good.

{Corners are getting more and more square}

I used the zig zag quilt tutorial by AmandaJean posted on the Bee Square blog. I altered it a little to switch between different patterned fabrics rather than pattern/solid as in the tutorial. It wasn't difficult. I used six fat quarters plus the back and binding.

{All folded and ready for ribbon and sending off to my new friend}
My friend Susan's birthday was last week. I had planned to have the Mod Quilt Sampler quilt finished and mailed well before her birthday, but that didn't (and hasn't) happened. I have the quilt top and back finished. I just need to sandwich, quilt, bind and label. Almost done, right?


Anne said...

That looks great! I love all of the different blue checks! Lucky baby!

Zonnah said...

Very cute!

Mushyhed said...

Love this quilt and the comment about the back looking like a moving blanket really cracked me up:0)