Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tutorial: Ornament Wreath

I made an ornament wreath for our newly painted house.  I just love it...both the house paint and the wreath.  The wreath took about 15-20 minutes to create and I can make at least 1 more wreath with the leftover supplies.
Here is a quick tutorial:
*About 32" Multi-purpose wire (I used 16 gauge, but its a little too thin.  20 gauge would be better. I got this from Lowes)
*70-80 ornaments of all sizes (I used half a set of 101 piece set Martha Stewart Living Shatter-Resistant Ornaments from Lowes and 20 Holiday Time mini shatter-proof ornaments from Walmart)
*15-20 inches of 1" width ribbon
*Stocking charm letter (from Walmart)
*Wire cutters
*Needle nose pliers

1. Cut wire to 32". Use pliers to make a loop at one end of the wire. This works as a stop and part of the closure.
2. Begin threading ornaments onto the wire. I used 2-3 big ornaments then a mini one to fill the gaps.
3. Keep threading until about 1-1/2" of wire is left.
4. Use the pliers to hook the end through the loop to create a circle. Crimp the wire closed.
5. Wrap the ribbon around the closure.
6. Attach the letter charm.
7. Tie a bow and hang the gorgeous wreath on the door.

Easy peasy. This wreath is a great last-minute gift, hostess gift or it-looks-like-you-spent-all-day-making-this gift. The whole thing cost me about $30 and I have enough wire and big ornaments to make at least one more wreath.
I just love this wreath. It makes our front porch festive and welcoming. I smile each time i see it. =]

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