Monday, January 17, 2011

NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Knit Beanie **Free Pattern**

Several months ago one of the members of the Knit Black and Gold group on Ravelry posted a photo this beanie. She had seen it at a game, but knew it could be handmade for far less than the $20+ price tag. I worked on reverse engineering it off and on and, with a little help from other Steelers fans, we got it all worked out.


This pattern was reverse engineered with the help of Ellisha (ish174), Annie (trainergirl15 and Liz (steelerbear). The original beanie was sold during the NFL’s 2010 “A Crucial Catch” Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Proceeds from merchandise sales benefited the America Cancer Society and other team charities. If you choose to knit this hat, please consider knitting another and donating it to your local chapter of the America Cancer Society, a local breast cancer treatment facility or one of your favorite team’s charities.

  • Worsted weight yarn in 3 different colors
  • US 8 needles – 16” circulars and/or dpns
  • Gauge: 6 sts/inch in pattern on US 8


  • K-Knit
  • P-Purl
  • p2tog - purl 2 stitches together
  • k2tog - knit 2 sts together
  • ssk – slip 2 sts knitwise then knit them together
  • C1 over 2 right - Slip 2 sts to cable needle holding in back, K1, P2 from cable needle (needleless-hold yarn in front when slipping)
  • C1 over 2 left - Slip 1 stitch to cable needle holding in front, P2, K1 from cable needle (needleless-hold yarn in back when slipping)
  • MC – main color of yarn
  • CC1 – contrasting color 1
  • CC2 – contrasting color 2

Tackling Dummy Stitch Pattern

Round 1: *C1 over 2 left, C1 over 2 right* to end
Rounds 2-7: *P2, K2, P2* to end
Rounds 8: *C1 over 2 right, C1 over 2 left* to end
Rounds 9-14: *K1, P4, K1* to end

CO 108 (120) sts with MC, join in the round

Work *K2, P1* for about 1-1/2"

Set up row: *K1, P4, K1* to end of round

Work rounds 1-8 of Tackling Dummy Stitch Pattern once in MC

Rounds 9-13: *K1 with MC, K4 with CC1, K1 with MC* to end

Round 14: With MC *K1, P4, K1* to end

Round 15: With MC *C1 over 2 left, C1 over 2 right* to end

Round 16-20: *K2 with CC2, K2 with MC, K2 with CC2* to end

Round 21: With MC *P2, K2, P2* to end

Continue working Tackling Dummy Stitch Pattern with round 8 using just the MC.

Complete a total of 5 pattern repeats before decreases (1MC, 1 CC1, 1CC2, 2 MC)

Work just round 1 of Tackling Dummy stitch pattern before starting decreases.

**Decreases for 108 sts ONLY**
Decrease row 1 (D1): Move last stitch in previous row to be first stitch of decrease round. *p2tog, p1, k2, p1* (90 stitches remain)
D2: *P3, K2* to end
D3: *p2tog, K2, P1* (72 sts remain)
D4: *p1, K2, P1* to last stitch
D5: move last of round to first stitch of this round, *p2tog, k2* (54 sts remain)
D6: *ssk, k2tog* (18 sts remain)
D7: k2tog to end (9 sts remain)

** Decreases for 120 sts ONLY **
D1: move last st to be first stitch of the round, *p2tog, p1, k2, p1* (90 st)
D2: knit pattern as established *p3, k2*
D3: *p2tog, k2, p1* around (72 st)
D4: knit pattern as established *p2, k2*
D5: move last st to be first st of the round, *p2tog, k2* (54 st)
D6: knit pattern as established *p1, k2*
D7: *k2tog, k1* around (36 st)
D8: k all stitches
D9: *k4, k2tog* around (30 st)
D10: *k3, k2tog* around (24 st)
D11: *k2, k2tog* around (18 st)
D12: *k1, k2tog* around (12 st)
D13: k2tog (6 sts)

** Finishing **
Cut the yarn leaving enough to thread through the remaining sts. Sinch live sts together and weave in all ends. =]

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