Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilter Bees blocks catch up

In an effort to catch up with all the behind blocks I owe, I pumped out these two for Quilter Bees Heidi and Lisa.

In December Lisa asked us all to make stars from Amanda Jean's tutorial. I was pretty nervous about this block. I had used Amanda Jean's tutorials before and didn't have any issues with that, I am just not that great at straight lines. Drawing, cutting, walking, driving...I don't do any of these straight. I wanted to wait until I had the time and attention to put into doing this block right.

Unfortunately that didn't come until last weekend. (Life got a little hairy and my sewing machine was inaccessible for about 6 weeks.) When we got my new sewing space situated and Midge back from her hiatus this was the first on the to do list. By the way, I recently decided my sewing machine is a Midge. I've had her for about two years and didn't have any inclination to name her until the new sewing space was made.

I didn't have any trouble with the individual blocks that went to the construction of the whole block, but after sewing everything together I was about 1/4" short of 12.5" So I ripped the seams and shrunk the seams to about 1/8"-3/8" to make up for it. I hope that doesn't create any problems. I don't think it will, they are secure. Minus the scant seam allowance I surprised myself with this block. And it taught me a lesson for Lisa's block.

Lisa chose another Amanda Jean block tutorial and I was able to kick this baby out fairly easily. And I measured as I pieced each section. No ripping this time. It's not perfect, but again I hope it is C.E. (close enough).

Neither of these are blocks I imagined myself choosing to make, which is the whole point of joining quilting bees. I forces me (nudges me?) to create outside my comfort zone. If nothing else these two blocks are getting me into the habit of slowing down and concentrating on what I am sewing. I appreciate that to no end. =]

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